Hellenic College Holy Cross offers a wide range of need-based options for financial aid, as well as competitive merit-based awards. To learn more about financing your education or to request a financial aid application packet, please contact Michael Kirchmaier, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Office of Financial Aid Hours

  • Monday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Thursday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Friday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Contact Michael Kirchmaier


Cost of Attendance for 2023-2024

TuitionPer Academic YearPer SemesterAdditional Credits
Full time Tuition (12-18 credits) All on campus degree programs.21,940.0010,970.00950.00
Single Student HousingPer Academic Year (9 months) Per Semester Damage Deposit
Polemanakos - Single Room11,550.005,775.00400.00
Polemanakos - Single Apartment16,000.008,000.00400.00
Polemanakos - Shared Apartment10,000.005,000.00400.00
Married Student HousingPer Academic Year (10 months)Per MonthDamage Deposit
Halki Village - 1 Bedroom11,976.001,197.501,197.00(C)
Halki Village - Town House18,780.001,878.001,878.00(C)
Dendrinos Village - 1 Bedroom11,605.001,160.501,160.00(C)(D)
Dendrinos Village - 2 Bedroom14,981.001,498.101,498.00(C)(D)
Dendrinos Village - 3 Bedroom18,305.001,830.501,830.00(C)(D)
Board/Food Plan**Per Academic Year (9 months)Per Semester
Full Food Plan4,642.002,321.00
Commuter Food Plan (10 meals per week)2,566.001,283.00
FeesPer Academic Year (9 months)Per Semester
Student Activity350.00175.00
Access Fee - Resident (A)100.0050.00(#)
Access Fee - Remote100.0050.00
Access Fee - Commuter55.0027.50
Parking Fee - Residential425.00212.50(#)
Parking Fee - Commuter212.00106.25
Graduation Fee250.00
Psychological Testing550.00550.00(B)
Thesis Continuation Fee150.00
Online ThM ProgramAnnual FeesPer Semester FeesAdditional Credit
Online ThM Full Time Tuition (12 credits per semester)12,000.006,000.00500.00
Registration Fee ThM100.0050.00
Access Fee ThM100.0050.00
Online ThM Part Time per course fee (3 credit course)1500.00
Online MTS Program Annual Fees Per Semester FeesAdditional Credit
Online MTS Full Time Tuition (12 credits fall & 13.5 credits spring)15,000.007,500.00625.00
Online MTS Program FeesAnnual FeesPer Semester Fees
Registration Fee MTS100.0050.00
Access Fee MTS100.0050.00
Online MTS Part Time per course fee (3 credit course)1,875.00
Online Non Degree Course (3 credits)Annual FeesPer Semester FeesAdditional Credit
Online Non Degree Course (3 credits)1,500.00500.00
Online Non Degree Course FeesAnnual FeesPer Semester Fees
Online Non Degree Registration Fee100.0050.00
Online Non Degree Access Fee100.0050.00

**Please note that food plans are required for rooms and apartments that don’t have kitchens!


  • (A)

    The access fee covers your dormitory or lounge key, your required College ID, Library ID, remote access license/credentials and other miscellaneous items.

  • (B)

    Assessed Fall semester for Religious Studies A and MDiv students only.

  • (C)

    Based upon 10 months

  • (D)

    Rate does not include electricity. Residents are required to open their own account with the local utility, Eversource.

  • (#)

    MUST be paid in Fall Semester